Apothecary's Garden

By Jane / Trees, plants and flowers /

The Apothecary's garden, is a linocut design Jane completed for Jenny Lancaster, a medicinal herbalist based in Glasgow, who also happens to be her second cousin. She has a shop called Haelsa, and the design was used as part of the initial branding. 

Jane loved designing this image, as Jenny's passion for what she does has opened a whole new world for her. Jane began to look at her own garden in a different way. All the plants pictured have beneficial properties. From left to right: violet, cleaver, red clover, apothecary's rose, rosemary, chamomile, chicory, lavender. 

The image is one block cut, and the different colours are applied within that one print.

They are hand printed on to lokta paper, which is approximately A4, or 21cm x 30cm.

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