Oak Woodland on Blue

By Jane / Portraits and places / Trees, plants and flowers /

This is inspired by some beautiful oak woodland we came across on a holiday to the Brecon Beacons in 2015. The twisty tangly nature of oaks, alive with birdlife made it feel a very magical place to be. Jane created a pattern based on this landscape, it's what she loved to do.

Always experimental, Jane created this design in three layers, the base layer being a monoprint using bubblewrap which gives an even pattern over which the colour varies. The second layer is a linocut with a background designed to add a sense of depth, and the final layer of linocut provides the foreground silhouetted as the sun shines through. 

Jane loved playing with different colours and papers each time this design was printed to suggest different qualities of light and seasons. We continue to copy those mixes and techniques.

This version is printed on dark blue dyed lokta and measures 28cm x 18cm. Each print will look slightly different.

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